Everyone knows by now Cliff Lee listened to his (probably ugly) wife and left New York’s money on the table, just because of a little spit.  There are a lot of things that have happened to me in New York and I keep going back (trust me I wish I was only spit on). Never mind my misfortune; here is the aftermath of his decision.

I never thought the Yankees were a reactionary team, I always thought of them as a team that gets the best talent no matter what.  But now the Yanks have been spurned by Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford inside of a week, And they like being spurned like Rex Ryan likes a good jog, by the top 2 free agents in this offseason. So, today the Yankees jumped on (the bringing your cousin to prom equivalent of a free agent) Russell Martin. 

Martin hasn’t been good or relevant in 2 years, and last season the best thing he did was injure him self and miss the rest of that awful dodgers season. And you know what? For a guy who is a 2 time All-Star silver slugger and gold glove, He couldn’t get a 5 million buck a year deal “a Wal-Mart greeter’s salary in MLB economics” with his former team, last I checked if your own club isn’t willing to spend “small potatoes” on you, you’re probably not good.


No big deal it’s only December

The season isn’t over, it has yet to start.

And the Yankees have more money then Bon Jovi, the guy who invented the snuggie and Bill Gates combined.

We will be ok.