Rex Ryan spoke yesterday at the AFC Coaches Breakfast in Orlando. I happen to like a lot of what Rex Ryan says.

I like the confidence. I like that he’ll take the heat on himself to get it away from his team. I like that he genuinely believes what he says, even if we don’t. That's what a coach should do. Believe and motivate.

However – yesterday Ryan said that there could be packages in the playbook where quarterbacks Geno Smith and Mike Vick are on the field at the same time.

I'm not a fan. It sounds like Tim Tebow 2.0 to me.

Taken from the New York Daily News:

“I know Marty Mornhinweg’s (Jets OC) pretty creative,” Ryan said. “(Quarterback coach) David Lee, he’s the guy that brought the Wildcat (back) to the National Football League. (Assistant head coach/running backs) Anthony Lynn is creative. And you know me: I’ll steal from Summit High School if I have to.… Obviously you got two guys with a lot of ability. Could it be a possibility? It certainly could be a possibility.”

Please Rex. I hope this is just you having nothing better to talk about on Tuesday in March.

Just name the starter and keep that person in until injury or poor play forces in the other. The last thing that Geno or Vick need is to be paraded around and led along like Tebow was two years ago.

Geno Smith and Mike Vick should not be on the field together. (Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images)

It would be detrimental for Geno’s development to prepare for two plays a game as a player in specialty formations which may or may not get used. If Vick earns the starting job, let Geno sit and learn the offense you use regularly, not a handful of auxiliary packages.

And if the starter is Geno? The last thing we need is Vick coming across on a jet sweep or taking a handoff and flipping it back to Geno on a flea-flicker.

C’mon Rex. Start planning your super bowl parade route and tell us about that like the old days. Don’t tell us this.