CNBC has hit a new low. Earlier today, Jets owner Woody Johnson joined Squawk Box (yes, that is really the name of the show), to talk, presumably about things unrelated to his backup quarterback's love life. The team over there in the Box, however, had other plans.

That’s right. As you can see in the video below, these hard hitting anchors actually asked Mr. Johnson if Tim Tebow was a virgin. On CNBC, a business news channel, guest host Richard LeFrak felt it was pertinent to bring up Tim Tebow's sex life. Are you kidding me? I could understand if that question was during an interview with Howard Stern, or on a trashy sports radio show hosted by guys with gimmick nicknames like “Crazy Eddie” or “Big Mouth Billy,” but certainly not on CNBC. That question in that context would be tasteless and offensive if asked to Tim Tebow, but to ask it to Woody Johnson is just dumb. How in the hell would he know what goes on in Tebow’s bedroom, and even if he somehow did know something, what makes you think he’d blurt it out on your b-grade program.

To Johnson’s credit, he took the question in stride and brushed it off quickly. That said, with Johnson claiming Tebow will be a Jet for three years, who really put their foot in their mouth more: Woody or LeFrak?