This might be a sign that I'm getting old, but I seriously think what happens in this video is completely overblown.  Click "read more" to find out why.

Okay, here's the story.  Augusta, KY high school head coach Robin Kelsch (the guy who hit the shot) was retiring.  His team was bounced in the Region 10 semifinals when his squad lost 99-69.

Kelsch and his opposing coach/friend, Brad Carr, agreed before the Augusta v Scott barnburner, that Kelsch would take the final shot.  Kelsch stepped up and sank a 3-pointer in the final seconds.

I initially reacted to the official throwing his hands up in the air to indicate a made 3-pointer.  Apparently, the shot didn't actually count in the final score.  Good.

This really isn't that bad of a story.  Kinda hokie, I don't think we'll see Phil Jackson line up a final 3-pointer before he steps aside, but it's a decent story.

Just when I started to warm up to this story, I read a comment on YouTube which gave props to, "The Shot."  The Shot?  Whoa, hold on.  A retiring high school coach who hits a shot that doesn't even count doesn't begin to be worth of being called "The Shot."  The Shot?  Are ya kiddin?

The Catch.  The Drive.  Joe Montana hooking up with Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone against the Cowboys.  John Elway leading the Broncos on an epic 98-yard drive against the Browns.  Now that's cool nickname worthy stuff!  Not this!