In recent years, the line between player and fan has become increasingly blurred.  Not, of course, in the minds of those who actually matter, but certainly in the minds of the fans.  "We have an impact on the game, it's our duty to get involved in the action as much as possible," they'd say.  "We paid good money for their sets, we deserve the right to say and do whatever they want to the opposition," they'd continue.

And so what I'd call debasing and disgusting behavior directed at those whose only crime was the wearing of a different color jersey became commonplace in stadiums across the country.

Thursday night, the inevitability of that trend was realized, when Utah Valley supporters stormed the court to celebrate their side's win, and escalated an on-court shoving match between those who actually participated in the game into a full on brawl.

In the coming days, we'll all have to face questions about whether the time has come to end court storming, and whether security measures need to be reevaluated.  And while there may be a need for those conversations - the latter more so than the former given the absence of any security personnel in the video below - both miss the point.

The larger conversation we need to have is about fans believing they're something they're not, and everyone needing to stop being such, if I may be so blunt, a-holes.