Oh I can't stop laughing. For those that whined for years about a college football playoff claiming " It should be decided on the field" you have been made the fool.

Me? I am not an advocate for a playoff and the champ was decided on the field. Much more so then the new playoff system. Now we will have a committee decide. Yeah none of those folks have bias or conflict of interest. At least with the BCS system the computers had no bias.

Ok putting that aside this new nuggett of info is a doozy. Reports a website rumorsandrants a tie breaking decider could be academic scores. Let me repeat that-academic scores. Yes and that has what to do with "on the field" ?-NOTHING!!!!!

So here is the scoop. If let's say 2 or more teams are tight for the last spot or 2 to get into the playoffs the classroom could decide who goes and who doesn't...LOL...I have to laugh or I would cry.

On the show today ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs-3-7pm on 1045 The Team, ESPN Radio) I got a few callers giving me the sanctimonious "kids need to go to class" or  'players need to go to class" or something like this. I don't disagree but exactly what does that have to do with a playoff or grades helping you make the playoffs- Not a damn thing.

Academics is another topic for another day. This has nothing to do with a playoff. So playoff advocates what happened to deciding it on the field? Oh by the way in the same story they are already talking about going to 8 teams. Just like I predeicted..It will be 16 soon after and goodbye meaningful regular season.

It is interesting to me that after years  hearing 'we have to decide it on the field" I have not heard a peep about how a group of people will be deciding who goes and not the games on the field..Now if this report is true i am betting the same drones won't say a word about that. Sad what has become of the non thinking American sports fan that can be sold anything