This surprising data is courtesy of a new poll out from the folks at Harris interactive polling. I am guessing this poll will derive much conversation. Frankly I am surprised Baseball was at number 2 as I thought it was passed by the NBA. Now it should be noted that polls of any kind are only snapshots and the information comes from a small sampling of Americans.

The Poll by Harris shows the NFL is King. No surprise. The NFL now easily the king of sports is favored by 36% of those that took part in the 2011 poll. Baseball and CFB were tied at 2nd with 13% each. I hope this brings some calm to Bud Selig the Commish of MLB who only hears the negative about the great grand game.

The rest of the poll looked like this-Auto racing finished  4th with 8% followed by the NBA at 5% ties with College basketball. This might be more because of the lockout as work stoppages always bring temporary bad feeling.

On the negative side Baseball was at 27% in a Harris poll dating back to 1985.

As for me let me rank my favorites in order and mind you even my least favorite doesn't mean I don't like it and anything beats that garbage reality TV that seems so popular although what is better reality TV then Sports!

My favorites in order

1-Major league Baseball

2-College Football



5-College Basketball

6-PGA Golf


I personally could care less about auto racing, WNBA hoops and especially Soccer. I am only a mild viewer of Tennis. How about yourself? List your favorites to least favorite