Bartolo Colon tried to redeem himself from a poor start against the Rays on Thursday night, but failed in that task as he couldn't escape the first inning as the Blue Jays defeated the Yankees 16-7.

Find out how Colon entered the record books for his poor outing. Was this more than just pitching?

Colon became the third pitcher in Yankees live ball history to allow eight or more runs in less than an inning pitched. The other two to do this were Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez in 2000 and Andy Hawkins in 1989. It appeared at times Colon struggled with his injured hamstring during his very short outing. It will be interesting to see if the Yankees will go to him for his next start or if his injured hamstring becomes a greater issue.

The other startling concern for the Yankees is the defense of Eduardo Nunez. While Nunez was great in the subway series against the Mets, he has been a defensive concern all season long for the Yankees giving up countless throwing errors. With Eric Chavez still injured and no other real viable veteran alternative presence available, it'll be interesting to see if the Yankees depend on their minor league system to take care of the vacancy at 3rd base due to A-Rod's injury or go out and grab someone before the trade deadline. While the Yankees do need starting pitching, having the lack of a defensive presence in their infield may become more of a trade priority.