A bird did his best Barry Sanders impression on Tuesday night while avoiding capture at Yankee Stadium.

Check out the moves on this bird. The New York Jets could use this little guy. The Jets are decimated by injury at wide receiver. Put a #10 jersey on this bird and see what he can do for Gang Green. All kidding aside, how funny is it when the token grounds crew guy is trying to corral a wily animal? It’s always good for a laugh.

Just before Raul Ibanez had the game-winning single for the Yankees in the bottom of the 12th inning against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night, this bird grabbed center stage. If you’re a good lip reader, you can actually see the grounds crew guy say, “Really, bird? You’re killin me. I look like an idiot in front of thousands of people because you want to be a funny guy. Can’t you just do me a favor and pretend to get captured so these fans will get off my back and actually cheer for me? Seriously.” My lip-reading skills are better than most.

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