The Giants can't have a good weekend, even when they're not playing.

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It was the absolute worse bye week that New York could've possibly had, and here's why:

The Redskins beat the previously 4-3 Chargers, 30-24.

The Eagles demolished the Raiders, 49-20, and Nick Foles looked like Peyton Manning.

The Cowboys pulled off a last minute drive to sneak out against the lowly Vikings, 27-23.

All these games came less than a week after General Manager Jerry Reese had a, "We've won two in a row and still have a chance" press conference.

At least there are two positive outlooks to this situation:
1. The fact remains the same that the Giants have to win 6 of their last 8 to even have a shot at anything positive this year and possibly need to be better than that.
2. The Raiders looked really bad against the Eagles and played to their realistic ability  just in time for the Giants to take them on this Sunday.

The NFC Least is really, really bad - there's no doubt - but that doesn't mean the Giants can look anything like they did the first half of the season and still have a minute possibility of making the post-season.

NFC East Standings
Cowboys 5-4
Eagles 4-5
Redskins 3-5
Giants 2-6