Just another reason for me to dislike the Miami Dolphins. I think it is reason 4,325. Seems golden boy Dab Marino couldn't keep his hands and other parts off another woman while his wife was home probably cooking dinner for him. Marino it seems knocked up CBS staffer Donna Savattere, impregnating her back in 2005.

Savattere was 35 at the time and a CBS production assistant. She has since married and had another child. Marino who has been married for well over 20 years has 6 children with his wife, 2 of which are adopted.

Marino paid this CBS staffer millions to keep her mouth shut and expenses for the child, a daughter named Chloe. Reports say the "doting" mom used much of the money to live the fast life between the Upper  West side of Manhattan and the Hamptons. Neither costs peanuts to live.

Marino has long lived a lie, as some clean, wholesome, loving and faithful husband to his wife of 27 years Claire..

Marino owned up to his infidelity saying when asked about the affair and child " My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years and have 6 children together and we continue to be a loving family."

Sure Danny Boy sounds like all the ingredients for a nice happy family and marriage!