I won't be repeating the words of San Diego Sportscaster Ross Shimabuku. No reason for that. But I will say this Danica Patrick is a big time hypocrite.

With an attitude Patrick went on a little tizzy about how we shouldn't call her sexy. Hmm that's interesting Danica. Exactly what can I call you when I look at those magazine spreads where you are flaunting your body in somewhat suggestive poses? Can I call you sweety? Can I say you look hot? Oh I can only call you pretty..Gotcha. Question when you were getting paid to do those spreads or basically strip in a go daddy ad did you mind if someone said they are sexy? When the cash was being put in your hand or the check deposited in the bank account did you mind the term sexy? Or was it after you were paid then you cam upon this epiphany and attitude?

Seems Ms Patrick wants to make the rules up as we go along. That would be wrong Danica! Those slides and images are sexy and that's the bottom line.

Since when by the way did it become sexist to use the word  sexy in relation to a good looking woman. I thought that was a compliment. But hey then again what do I know. I don't belong to the cesspool of PC and don'y play the game either!

Is sexy somehow now demeaning? Sexist?  Mysoginist? Hateful? The answer is none of the above. You didn't mind getting paid to put on your sexy so it seems. So which is it Danica? Are you sexy or are you a sexy Hypocrite?