Former New York Rangers Captain and current member of the MSG Rangers broadcast team Dave Maloney joined Levack today to talk about the Blue Shirts chances now that they've added Eric Staal.

DM: Couple things here, first and foremost it’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last time. Cause rangers will be accused of compromising a future for today, but the better part of that, the present lineup, there was nobody moved out of the lineup. That’s an important thing also; this has been a pretty tight group. It’s been a group that has enjoyed some success of recent time. He’s looking to continue and try to give themselves the best chance. So Eric staal certainly comes with a pretty good pedigree. He’s won Olympic gold in Canada. He’s won a world championship gold in Canada. There are all kinds of things to really like about Eric Staal. I think it is, I think when you look around the league and you hear other people talk about a trade deadline that was fairly quiet and unannounced. Most look at the rangers and thought that they improved themselves, and I would agree.