Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson gave his girlfriend a football after scoring a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  The interesting twist is that she was a cheering for the opposing team.

David Nelson scored a touchdown in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  Nelson rushed over to hand the ball to his girlfriend, Kelsi Reich, who is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  Her reaction is priceless.  It looks as if she's thinking, "Ahh, what am I supposed to do here?"

It was a cool gesture by Nelson.  Let's not make the story bigger than it needs to be.  Nelson isn't a traitor for associating with the Cowboys.  Kelsi didn't go crazy by celebrating a touchdown from the opposing team.  It was a cool moment.

The problem for the Bills is that this was the only opportunity a player had to give a ball after scoring a touchdown on Sunday.  The Bills lost 44-7.  The only other opportunity a player had to give away a ball after scoring was kicker Dave Rayner.  He could've grabbed the ball and given it to a fan after successfully tacking on the extra point.

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