Wel,l well, well. If we have learned one thing with this Chris Paul deal it's that in an effort to "help" the Hornets (who are owned by the NBA until an owner is found) Commissioner David Stern has proven to be a bad GM. Instead of the Hornets taking the original deal that would have brought back a huge haul of Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic, the Hornets get a lesser package, in my opinion, of  Eric Gordon,Chris Kamen, Al-Farouq Amino and a first round pick via Minnesota in the next draft. Not  a bad package but not the original haul in the 3 team deal that included the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers. Now why did Stern do this? I think I have an answer for that. In their zeal to create competitive balance in the labor stoppage it seems the large market clubs are going to pay the price the heck with good or bad management. Oh some of the owners cried that the Lakers were going to get Paul.. Waaaah the labor stoppage was for naught they weezed. Wah.Wah.Wah. Forget the fact that the Lakers are not only  a large market club but have a solid GM in Mitch Kupchak and an owner willing to spend for good quality in Dr. Jerry Buss. Oh no they cried the Lakers were getting better and well we can't have that. Forget now that supposedly the league was looking after the Hornets. No the main point was the evil Lakers can't improve their club. It's not fair. Wah. Wah. Wah.

The very truth is in the original deal it was in my view the Hornets that would have made out the best followed by the Lakers and the Rockets would have netted soft but talented Pau Gasol. But gosh no the Cavaliers cried and others followed. They protested to Stern who nixed the deal claiming the Hornets weren't getting enough. What? these 4 players they were supposed to get are all solid in different ways. Nope can't happen because the lakers can't get better. Here is the deal the way I see it. Stern who many will say "helped" the large market clubs because that helped the TV ratings now will make it so the large market, well run, and profitable clubs pay the price for the lame brains and lousy run franchises. That's what a salary cap does or is supposed to do. Help the smaller clubs but the reality is this -cap or no cap you can't help inept. Just like real life. You can't help people get ahead by giving them things they have to earn it. That's how the little guy gets bigger not with handouts and you can't help the lesser clubs by penalizing the successful teams. Why take the Lakers to the cleaners because they run their organization well and win. Why do the Sacremento's of the world get breaks when they don't run their franchise as well? I tell you why cause in Sterns new world those that do it right, spend some money, put on a good product they are the guilty one's not the clueless clubs that abuse the salary cap, give out bad contracts, draft poorly, and can't market water in the dessert. This is the new world of the NBA.