San Francisco 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams had a rough day on Sunday when his team lost to the New York Giants.  Now, according to his father Kenny Williams he is receiving death threats.

Sometimes sports fans can go a bit too far.  Way too many time we have heard about a player or team receiving death threats for something that they did on the field.  There is absolutely no excuse for that when it comes to supporting your team.

Kyle Williams of the 49ers is the latest victim of fans going a bit to far.  According to ESPN he isn't just receiving death threats on his life, but also on his wife and child's.   Too bad his fans don't know enough about Williams to realize that he has neither a wife, nor child.  Perhaps it was a wish for the future.  Either way, these actions are deplorable.

Williams is taking full responsibility for San Francisco's OT loss to the Giants.  he said on Monday that's it's one of those things that you have to step up and be accountable for.  His teammates don't share that sentiment and also don't blame him at all, at least not in the public spotlight.  San Fran kicker David Akers took to twitter to ask fans to stop with the death threats.