Oh sure I can join all the Tim Tebow haters and be part of the "in" crowd. But not to be contrarion no thanks. Ok no Tebow is obviously not Peyton Manning. The Broncos did the right thing. No question. But of course the Tebow haters, I mean more the talking heads but the fans somewhat too are laughable in their slamming of Timmy T.

Is he Manning-please I wont even dignify that dumb question with a response..Hey guess what he isn't Brady, or Eli, or Aaron Rogers either. he also isnt Brees, not Cutler either. But guess what for all the things he isn't I do know what he is. WINNER.

Tell you what combine all those playoff wins for Henne, Fitzpatrick, McCoy, Dalton, Gabbert, Locker, Shaub, Palmer, Cassel, Kolb, Bradford, Jackson, Stafford, Ponder, Newton and Freeman and they are 1 less then tebow. Combined they have none.. he has WON (purpose spelling).

Now that is a very simpleton breakdown. Clearly some of those guys are better then Tebow. But my point is Winning and Tim wins! He led the Ponies from a 1-4 hole to the playoffs and a stirring victory over the Steelers. Yet you listen to the haters and you would think this is a mix between Akili Smith and Ryan Leaf.

What Tebow is is different but he is also a winner. By the way I was not a Tebow college fan at all..In fact a BIG time critic. Thought he was too much of a look at me guy. But the kid is basically a 2nd year player and his resume isn't bad.

Yet you listen to the loud mouths like Warren Sapp and many many others and it's pathetic. Sapp said "he would leave a team if they went out and got Tebow"..Yeah I bet you wouldn't Warren.

Tebow is so bad he has the same amount of  playoff wins as Tony Romo. Again it is about results. Sure it takes more then  QB but it is the most important position by far.

I really hope Tebow comes to play for my Jets. No not because I want Mark Sanchez to lose his job but you can never have enough high quality people on your  team and that defines Tebow. Oh and results.

I really hope Tebow finds a good situation for him. I root for him. I root for good people even if they are unconventional. This hammering he is taking again is funny if it weren't so pathetic. Again resume. Tebow's is pretty good.

I am betting no one works harder then Tebow. I am also betting while he won't ever be Brady, Rogers, either Manning etc he will improve cause he is like that. It's how Tim Tebow rolls.

I am hoping he gets with a club that will utilize his talents and they are vast.

1 last thing. Too much credit being given to John Elway. Yeah he picked up Manning at the airport and took him to a nice restaurant for dinner and showed him the money. I can't say if Manning would have gone their without Elway but my guess is he would. John Fox is a great coach. Who wouldn't want to play for him. Peyton Manning made a great choice. I am thrilled for him and as a football fan hope he has good health. However as a former Bronco hater until Tebow came on the scene now I can go back to hating them again.

My intuition says don't be counting out Tebow. Oh would I love to see him come back and beat the Broncs in a big game and shut up the haters!