Dennis Rodman delivered an emotional speech while being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Memorial Hall of Fame Class of 2011.  "The Worm" broke down in tears several times.

Dennis Rodman was noticeably choked up while giving his Hall of Fame speech on Friday night.  The most poignant part of the former two-time Defensive Player of the Year's speech came at the 3:20 mark.  Rodman fought back tears and eventually said, "I didn't play the game for the money.  I didn't play the game to be famous.  What you see here is more of an illusion that I love to just be an individual that's very colorful."

Rodman went on to thank David Stern and the entire NBA community for even "having him in the building."  It was a very interesting moment.  It was Rodman's way of saying thank you for not letting his colorful antics overshadow his brilliant play.  It was also Rodman's way of saying thank you for not excluding him from the Hall of Fame simply because he was a unique character.  Well said, Worm, and completely true.