Derek Jeter is on the threshold of 3000 hits and will probably pick up that milestone in the next series or two, but if you ask Derek he already has his eyes on another prize.

“I’m Only 28 Away” Derek said with a smile on his face “28 away from 1000 Carer walks”.  This is true Derek Jeter is in line to join suck elite company as Rodgers Hornsby, Jim Gilliam and Max Carey to name just a few players with a 1000 or more walks in their career.  Jim Thome is the leader among active players and  had this to say “ I for one will welcome Jeter in the elite Leather Tramp (walk) Level, But we are all after Barry Bonds and his almost untouchable number of 2,558” It was at that point Jim Pulled up his T-shirt to reveal a tattoo that said “I’m Walking to 2559”.

This record means a lot to players all over baseball; even the younger players acknowledge the significant of this record.  I caught up with Justin Upton of the Arizona Diamondbacks he had this to say “I’m a rising star in the base on balls community, I am proud of Derek but I can’t wait to take my own slow jog into history”. Justin has amassed almost 300 walks in his short career, and is on pace to get in the ball park of 2558.

This Reporter is looking forward to his chance at reporting Derek Jeter’s landmark walk in the truest of sports writing mediums, print. So whether you’re working an inside corner or falling on your fanny to make the breaking ball look inside keep on walking Derek and history will do the rest.