While I don't root for the Yankees, I do enjoy and support greatness. I very much love a clean player who hustles, cares, doesn't take steroids, and loves to play the game all the while staying out of trouble. No, I don't root for the Yankees but I do root for Derek Jeter, the anti-Alex Rodriguez and, in my opinion, the greatest shortstop in baseball history.

In the latest episode of why Jeter is a real ball player and A-Roid is a clown is this: Jeter does whatever he has to to get back on the field. A-Roid does whatever he has to to steal money from the Yankees and not play ball.

Jeter has been cleared to start working out and should, if there are no set backs, be ready for opening day. Rodriguez did all he could not to have surgery and will not play until perhaps July and August, if at all. That's because Jeter is a committed player who loves to play and will do whatever it takes outside of steroid cheating to get on the field and play. Rodriguez loves to get paid, make excuses, whine, and pay little attention to his team when there are girls to pick up.

When asked before his charity golf tournament to earn money for his Turn 2 Foundation, Jeter said he has been given the go ahead to start working out and get ready for opening day. Jeter had surgery on his ankle almost right after he injured it during the Tigers playoff series last season.

Meanwhile A-Roid did all he could to put off his hip surgery, milk it, and make more excuses. Alex Rodriguez makes me sick. Derek Jeter makes me love the game of baseball.