Wide receiver Derrick Mason was cussed at by New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.  Mason responded via Twitter with a few jabs of his own.

NFL Network aired a documentary called, "A Football Life," which took a close look at Bill Belichick on and off the football field.  A portion of the documentary showed Belichick on the sideline cussing at wide receiver Derrick Mason.

Derrick Mason responded to the video on Twitter.  "Just saw belichick video thing all u ppl are commenting about.  He might As well called me boy!  Lol total Disrespect."

Mason continued, "Had I said that to him, everyone would have been in an uproar!  I have too much respect for the game to speck to a coach in that manner!"  Mason posted another tweet which poked fun at the Spygate incident that was uncovered before the '07 season.  "See u soon coach b.. Sg"

One thing is really interesting about this response by Mason.  At the time, Mason didn't have a problem with Belichick cussing at him whatsoever.  He is seen laughing and smiling about the exchange when it happened.  Yet, he felt the need to take a few jabs at Belichick once he started taking heat from people who saw the video.  It wasn't so much what Belichick said.  It was that other people heard what Belichick said that is causing Mason to react this way.