There is absolutely no doubt that Derrick Rose is the MVP this season.  I'll state my case for him, but honestly, watch these highlights and let D-Rose make a stronger case for himself.

With two games remaining, Derrick Rose has led the Chicago Bulls to a 60-win season.  The Bulls have the best record in the Eastern Conference.  That might be the most impressive aspect of Rose's MVP resume.  In a season where the Bulls lost Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah due to injury for extended periods of time, winning 60 games is staggering.

Rose has become unstoppable.  He can slash into the paint to create high-percentage shots for himself, or open looks for teammates.  Rose has also improved his jump shot drastically.  When a player is this dangerous off the dribble while possessing a reliable jump shot like Derrick Rose, you've got an MVP-caliber weapon.  Rose has not only had an MVP-caliber season, he is the league's MVP.