Mike Rice has become the latest target of angry America. You know the type. They hate their lives so their satisfaction in life is derived from making others miserable. Sad life that it is. This isn't to say Rice didn't deserve to be canned. He did.

But 2 things coming out of this firing are making me chuckle and not because I think it is funny...Number 1 many are more upset at Rice's use of the gay slang then they are in Rice getting physical with his players..That is part of the sick America we live in. Words to these fools are worse then action. There are some who would love for us to adopt the European way, that people can be locked up for "hateful words.'...The phrase of sticks and stones will break my bones etc etc etc never resonate with these folks.

Now the 2nd is a new development. Rice's contract calls for him to get 100,000 if he completed the season. He did and he gets the 100K. Oh this is going to set some folks off.

Also a new development. 13 Rutgers Faculty and alumni are demanding an investigation into the actions or lack there of  of the President of the school Robert Barchi. Barchi admitted to allowing the Athletic Director of Rutgers Tim Pernetti take care of the matter back in November. Rice was suspended 3 games, fined 50k, and forced to go to anger management. Barchi claims he hadn't seen the video until the whole matter hit the fan 2 days ago.

Gay rights groups have decided to pile on although this has nothing to do with Gay players or anything of that nature. America loves when people get fired and they love piling on so they can lay claim to the "success' of getting people fired...Sick. the whole entire episode from Rice's actions, to the reactions, are sick. But hey for angry and hateful America getting another scalp brings them happiness. SICK!