I am not one who complains about ticket prices. As a member of the media I can usually get into a game with a press pass should I choose to so I personally can't complain. In addition I don't usually take up the fans mantle of ticket prices and always say the market will correct the problem. when enough folks get priced out they can make the choice whether to lay out the cash it costs to go to a game.

However there are exceptions and the NHL which I love had the gall to raise ticket prices on average higher then the other pro sports leagues. Major league baseball will announce their ticket price structure before this season starts.

After reducing the season to just 48 games the NHL on average raised their ticket prices 5.7%. Talk about gall!!!!!

The average ticket to an NHL game is just over 61.00. Compare that to the NBA whose average ticket price went up 3.5% to 50.99. The nations most popular sport, the NFL raised their prices last season an average of 2.5% to 78.38. Baseball last year had an average ticket price of 26.98. Again their structure and prices and that sort will be announced right after spring training ends.

As for NHL teams with the highest prices they are Toronto who hasn't made the playoffs for 7 years yet charge an average of 124.69. Following them are the Winnipeg jets with an average price of 97.84. Edmonton was next at 79.27 and then Montreal at 78.56.

As for American based franchises congrats to the Washington Capitals who charge an average of 79.25 followed by the NY Rangers at 72.04 and then the Philadelphia Flyers  at 71.59.

The Buffalo Sabres had the largest percentage increase at 26.7% but they remain the 7th least expensive price in the NHL.