Following an especially horrifying loss to the Eagles last night Brandon Jacobs turned his anger loose on Giant fans.

Once again Brandon Jacobs has put his foot in his mouth at the expense of Giant fandom.  When asked his thoughts on the Giant faithful booing his, and his team's, pitiful performance, Jacobs told reporters "That’s the best thing that they do here is to boo. I’m not worried about that.  I’ve been hearing that for seven years."  Excuse me?  I'm sorry.  Were we supposed to cheer?  Should we have showered down applause and praise on your dynamic success on the ground?  After all, you did put together a stellar day of sixty-three feet of rushing.  No, that wasn't a misprint, dude rushed for sixty-three FEET!  On twelve carries, the 6'4, 265 pound running back, who's gotten a lot more mileage out of his mouth than his feet this year, ran for twenty-one yards against an Eagles rush defense that has been nothing short of abysmal. That's less than two yards per carry.

The Giants rushing attack netted just twenty-nine yards for the game last night.  At one point the Giants offense had run 19 plays for a total of 40 yards.  Jacobs and the bunch looked absolutely apathetic toward the game and the Giants ended up losing to a team that is one play away from folding it up for the season.  But you're right, Brandon.  How dare we?  How dare Giant fans expect their team to have a pulse.  How dare we expect a running back who has spent so much of the year whining like a [spoiled child] about playing time to actually show up to a game that he gets to start.  I mean how do you even have a performance that bad?  Even with what has become your normal running style - tip-toe to the offensive line, run into the guard, fall down - how do you come away with 1.8 yards per carry?  YOU'RE 265 POUNDS!  How are you getting knocked backwards by linebackers who are not only smaller than you but would have trouble finding a starting job in any other defense in the league?!  You want us to cheer for you?  How?  You have become nothing short of an absolute shell of the running back that you once were and have been a cantankerous malcontent in the process.  Brandon, look in the mirror.

The bottom line is you and your team didn't show up last night.  In one of two games left in the season that could have been pinned as games you absolutely should win, you played as listless a game as you have all season.  You didn't just lose.  You barely bothered playing.  So excuse us if we voice our displeasure.  Forgive us if we get on a guy who complains that he needs more playing time then delivers that flaccid performance when he gets it.  Your play, your attitude, you're making it pretty hard to not boo you. But well done.  You have successfully placed the cherry on top of the crap sundae that was last night.  Thanks.