Well Giants faithful, let’s just be honest.  Last week was awful.  Sunday’s loss was a masterpiece of mediocrity, if mediocrity isn’t overselling it.  But we know this, it’s been covered…agonizingly. So let’s turn away from that debacle and look forward.  How will the Giants fair under the bright lights of Monday Night Football versus the upstart Rams?  This is your Diary of a Giants Fan week two preview...electric boogaloo. 

Man, last week was bad.  I’m sorry, I know I said I’d move on, but I’m kind of stuck on how bad the secondary looked and how lost Eli looked in Sunday’s Redskins shellacking.  But hey, it couldn’t get worse right?

WRONG!  What are you kidding?  It could always get worse.  What if the Rams come in and beat us 41-0.  That’d be worse!  Will that happen?  I mean, probably not.  In fact, if I were a betting man, I’d venture out as far as to say it won't happen.  Oh wait.  I am a betting man, and I can’t see the Giants getting embarrassed this week like they were last.

I think you’ll see an inspired Giants side this Monday night.  It’s their home opener, and they know as much as we do that they’re returning home after getting kicked around in D.C.  I look for a renewed Giants spirit this week in the form of that old time New York Giants football.  I think the front seven, knowing that the secondary can’t cover, and with Justin Tuck saying that he’ll likely play, will get after Sam Bradford and abuse him all night.  Though you know what?  I even think that the secondary will play better.  They know that Rex Grossman torched them last week like they were a European village being marched on by the Huns - That’s right, I went AD 300 on you with my humor.  Boom.  Anyway, I think they’ll be inspired to play better.  What do I mean by play better?  Well, let’s be honest, it means that when Sam Bradford goes over three hundred yards passing, we’ll actually be able to see a Giants cornerback in the picture.  Not ideal, but a vast improvement.  Small victories, people.

Offensively, I think the game plan will be to pound the run all day long. Honestly, the running game was working for the Giants last week, both Bradshaw and Jacobs looked good.  I think that’ll be the early game plan this week - let both backs get in work and wear down that Rams defense.  As the Rams creep up to stuff the run, the G-men will go to the air with Hakeem Nicks, hopefully playing despite a banged up knee, and Mario Manningham.  I’m looking for those two to have big success in the second half.

Look, the Rams are an up and coming team.  Still, I think they’re a little more coming than they are up.  It also looks like the Rams will be without four starters for Monday’s game including starting cornerback Ron Bartell, wide receiver Danny Amendola and running back Stephen Jackson.  Cadillac Williams will start at RB, though since his legs are about as frail as Yao Ming’s the Rams are one bad step away from having Mike Sims-Walker as their only offensive threat.  Ouch.

Ultimately, I think a renewed Giants pass rush will be too much for the Rams offense.  Look for Bradford to have somewhat impressive numbers through the air, though.  I mean he won’t throw for some absurd Tom Brady vs. the Dolphins type number - he’s got no one to throw the ball to - but he will put up some numbers on the…underwhelming Giants secondary.  The Giants run game should dominate that side of the ball and open things up for Eli, who will in the end have a pretty good game.  It’ll be closer than it should be, but I look for the Giants to pull out a 24-17 win.

I hope…