This question, which seems to have started from the day he was hired will fester but not for long. I would expect that Bobby Valentine will be let go in short order. Here is the question: does he deserve to be?

I realize we live in a very simple world where after almost every loss fans blame the coach and/or the refs for their teams losing. As I have said many times it is the dumbing down of Americans and American sports fans. Your team lost, so the natural reaction is "well fire the coach."

This Red Sox team might have been the most horrendous in modern Sox history. I believe Valentine was undermined by his players as well as some of his coaches, and as I have written, former Sox pitcher Curt Shilling who hates Bobby V and used that hate and his ESPN TV forum to stir up trouble from day one.

Certainly Bobby V gets some share of the blame. He tends to start fires where none existed before. See Kevin Youklis for proof of that.

Now Valentine feels like he might have been betrayed by some of his coaches with speculation focusing on Tim Bogar, his bench coach. Some of Valentine's coaches were hold overs from the Terry Francona days. On his radio show on WEEI in Boston, Valentine was asked if he felt he was undermined by some of his coaches he said "Yes." Asked if he felt his coaches were loyal he said "No."

The Red Sox finished with only 69 wins. They traded away stars for salary relief. They also suffered many injuries namely to the departed Carl Crawford and star DH David Ortiz. So was it really all Valentine's fault?