From American hero to cycling zero. That is how far Lanced Armstrong has fallen. Now that is seems clear he was taking steroids of some kind, or doping as they call it, did in fact the International Cycling Union (known as UCI) not only know it was going on but taking payoffs to allow it and keep their mouth shut?

That is the new allegation being leveled by some in the cycling community. According to reports and a supposed Armstrong admission, UCI not only knew that Armstrong failed drug tests but took two payments of $125,000 each time to help cover up the drug tests.

In a new report just released, allegations surface that Armstrong failed several drug tests but paid big money to keep the results on the down low. The report claims that two payments were made by Armstrong, who also allegedly told fellow cyclists about the payoffs, which were made under the guise of anti doping efforts.

In an interview with a broadcast outlet in New Zealand a member of USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) made these claims from the USADA report that just came out.

The Tour De France has stripped away seven medals from the winners covering the years of 1999 through 2005.

In testimony by several admitted steroid cheats, namely Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton who were teammates of Armstrong, Armstrong supposedly told them he failed a test for EPO at the 2001 Tour of Switzerland and that UCI officials chose to ignore it. Landis testified that Armstrong told him he made a "financial agreement" with UCI officials to keep the failed test a secret.

UCI has acknowledged they got two payments from Armstrong of $125,000 but it was to help with anti doping efforts.

Armstrong announced recently he was giving up the fight to clear his name while at the same time maintaining his innocence.