Now this is a great debate topic. Did Mets manager Terry Collins make the right move by removing David Wright from last nights loss to the Milwaukee Brewers?

Here is the setup. Brewers take a 8-0 lead in the 7th inning after hack relief pitcher DJ Carrasco of the Mets drilled Ryan Braun after Rickie Weeks of Milwaukee cracked a homerun off of Carrasco to make the score 8-0. Carrasco drilled Braun in the shoulder and was tossed from the game by Home plate ump Gary Darling.

The Brewers lifted starter Zack Grienke from the blowout and put in rookie Tim Dillard. Baseball being the game it is and the rule is you hit mine and I hit yours. There seems to be no doubt that Dillard would have drilled David Wright who was due to leadoff the Mets half of the inning. Instead of getting to the plate Mets manager Terry Collins lifted Wright and save him from the possible and probable being drilled. Wright wasn't happy about it and let Collins know in the dugout. The question is did Terry Collins make the right move?

My answer is while I understand what Collins was doing-NO. Wright would have taken 1 for the team and then it's time to move on but Collins only delayed what is coming and it is coming the next time the teams tangle which isn't until September in Milwaukee. Baseball players and teams have loooong memories and trust me the Brewers will be going for revenge. No question in my mind. If I were Collins and it isn't an easy decision I let Wright hit, Probably get hit, and time to move on. By removing Wright I think he made his captain and Mets best player look bad and let this linger and it will linger.

While I am at it I would demote that stiff Carrasco. He stinks like the majority of the Mets bullpen. This bum Carrasco hits Braun because he doesn't have to deal with the retribution thats coming. perhaps Carrasco you stiff if you could get anyone out that might help.

I totally get why Wright wasn't happy about being removed. Also Collins lifted Daniel Murphy who was due up after Wright saving him from being hit. How would you like to be Jordany Valdaspin or Justin Turner who were sent up to pinch hit in order. Collins left them to be hit but neither was.

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said after the ball game that it was "interesting to see what that shows" about the removal of Wright then Murphy.

Again I understand what Collins was doing-however he only delayed the inevitable. A Met will be hit in Milwaukee you can make bank on that. And it will probably be Wright who bears the brunt. The real culprit is Carrasco the bum and for that he should be shipped out!