In some completely not surprising news, the television ratings for this year's NBA Finals are down from last year's, in which LeBron James and Kevin Durant had a literal and figurative clash of the titans to decide the 2011-2012 NBA championship. But did the Tony Awards help to ruin the ratings for last night's Game Two?

Game Two drew a 10.2 overnight rating, the lowest rating for an NBA Finals game since 2009, during Game Five of the Lakers/Magic Finals. Game One drew a 10.6, both of which were down from last year's numbers, which were consistently up around 12.0.

While the numbers declined from Game One to Game Two, ratings for the Tony Awards, which took place last night as well, were up from a 1.0 last year to a 1.2 this year, meaning it is entirely possible that some basketball loving theater buffs may have cost the NBA some of its viewers on Sunday night.

Of course, the season premier of popular television series Falling Skies as well as an episode of Game Of Thrones were both on as well, so who knows? But it's way more fun to assume that the Tony Awards stole money out of the pocket of David Stern, who will probably form a devious plot to abolish the Tony Awards as a result.