LeBron James has been playing some of the best basketball the world has ever seen recently, helping his Miami Heat reach 24 straight wins with a dramatic comeback victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. He has also unveiled a new celebratory dance move over the last few nights.

After hitting a game tying three against the Cavs last night, one that completed a comeback from as many as 27 points down in the third quarter, he broke out the dance move after staring down the crowd in menacing fashion.

LeBron also broke out this move after hitting a game winning shot against the Boston Celtics earlier in the week and has been doing it intermittently throughout this historic Heat winning streak.

Now it has become a full fledged phenomenon, with SportsCenter trying to name it via fan suggestions on Twitter as we speak (because apparently there isn't an NCAA Tournament for them to analyze).

However, a lot of people are not fans of the move, with plenty of people calling it weird and corny.

Personally, I think it's great. It's as if he's saying to his teammates "calm down, guys, I've got this" whenever he steps up in a clutch situation which, lately, has been all the time. Plus, it's only a million times better than when Kobe Bryant went through that weird under bite phase. Nothing was worse than that.

I will leave it to you, the people: are you a fan of LeBron's new dance craze? Take our poll below and let us know.