After finishing my coverage of the America East Tournament on Saturday night, I had a late dinner at home and happened to flip on my television to the World Baseball Classic. It was the United States against Italy, and the Americans had a 6-2 lead in the sixth inning. I'll admit, I watched about two innings of the game, but I eventually turned it off.

When I woke up this morning, I thought back to that moment when I changed the channel on my TV and tried figuring out why I did that. I mean, baseball was the first sport I fell in love with as a child, born and raised in a Yankees-only household that eventually was invaded by my sister's love for the Red Sox (don't ask me how, I will never figure it out). It was then that I came to a startling realization - this is one of the few international contests that I couldn't care less about.

So how about you - how much genuine interest do you honestly have in the World Baseball Classic? Vote in our poll below, and feel free to post any comments to support your stance!