I am stunned by this story. Not that dogs attacked a person but the type  of dogs going on the attack.

Troy Highs  baseball coach Curtis Nobles was attacked as he attempted to drop off  some showlaces for an upcoming game. Out of nowhere he claims 2 chocolate labs started going after him and if not for some help who knows what would have happened. Nobles was dropping off some pink shoelaces for an upcoming game bringing attention to the cause of breast cancer when the 2 labs went on the attack.

Nobles was only able to escape after a coach of another team Kevin Rogers showed up and Nobles jumped on Rogers car and ebtually the hood to ward off the attack. Nobles still suffered some serious injuries but who knows what would have been the result if Rogers hadn't showed up. Rogers said " The dogs came out of nowhere. It was a vicious attack. Chocolate Labs aren't like that but something spooked them. It was definitely a crazy scene"

I am no expert on attack dogs but I know about dogs being a life long dog owner. Currently I have 2 Siberian Huskies and love me some Huskies. I had 3 not long ago but 1 got sick and had to be put to sleep. Right up there for me with Huskies are Labs and Sheppards. I have never heard of labs going on a rampage. Then again you can make a poodle vicious. Labs are usually gentle and playful and very loving.

Nobles claims he did nothing to provoke the attack or the dogs. The dogs were later picked up by the owners daughters but then taken away for testing no doubt for a week by animal control of Troy.

Nobles suffered some pretty serious injuries like a seperated shoulder and a partially torn MCL in his right knee but overall felt lucky the attack wasn't worse.

I have many friends who have labs and they are as gentle as a dog can be and so much fun. tests will hopefully determine what made these 2 labs go crazy..