I've loved baseball and the Yankees since I was old enough to understand it. I've been frustrated and wowed all the time by the game and more importantly by my team. The Joe Torre era will forever be my favorite and Don Zimmer is a big reason for that.

Don Zimmer was more than just a bench coach, he had a calming "all is well" influence on the team AND me just by being there. Whether it was the way he laughed off being hit by a Chuck Knoblach foul ball in the playoffs and the team giving him a Yankees Army helmet or him standing up to Pedro Martinez for throwing at batters. Zim was that loving Grandfather figure that made everything better.

Mike and Mike read an amazing list of Zimmer's MLB achievements this morning:

I will always view Zim as a Yankee but Rick Sutcliffe pitched for him when he won Manager of the year as the skip of the Chicago Cubs. Rick pays tribute:

Sutcliffe brought it up so here's Zim manning up and going after Pedro. I will ALWAYS hate Pedro for this moment in time.