While I was one screaming from the hilltops before the season began that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan needed to be fired before his fourth season ever began, I'm willing to take a step aside ... for now.

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Rex Ryan said that anyone out on the practice field is allowed to do push-ups whenever a penalty is committed, including owner Woody Johnson.

The Rex-lead Jets simply looked like they needed a new leader after losing their final three games last year and finished with a 6-10 record.

Then the 2013 season happened, where somehow the Jets have thus far squeaked out a 2-1 record. Seriously, by the hair of their Rex Ryan chinny chinny chin.

The Jets beat a banged up already-below-average Bills team this past weekend despite committing 20 penalties. That's a franchise record and more than the NFL had seen in association with a team winning in 62 years.

While Ryan's team currently has more wins than losses, by all means, Rex Ryan shouldn't get comfortable - and he's not.

I've mentioned many times in the past that NFL teams should take a note out of the college handbook by making their players do physical activities for penalties they committed in the weekend's previous game.

While the new wussified CBA and NFL Player's Union would surely wine and complain about any kind of self-ordained discipline from a coaching staff, Ryan has found a way around it.

On Monday, Ryan announced that the team is going to do a 'penalty prevention' program where everyone on the football field has to do 10 pushups whenever a penalty is committed during practice - that is, everyone except the one who committed the penalty.

It's a long season ahead and the Jets still have plenty of time to implode but the first step of preventing that is discipline and Ryan's all over it.

"I want to be a physical football team," said Ryan, "but I also want to be the least penalized team in the league, not the most penalized team. It's not acceptable."

Yes sir! *Doing 10 push ups*

Hey look, I'm inspired!

Ryan also used the push-up system his first season with the Jets in 2009 whenever Gang Green went 9-7 and to the third round of the post-season. That, my friends, would save Rex Ryan's job.