So let's see Lebron James doesn't get the final shot Tuesday night-Instead Mario Chalmers gets the feed from Dwayne Wade and takes the last shot-and sports talk radio spends hours hammering Lebron. Oh yeah Analysis and perspective from a line of 'experts". Yawn.

Wednesday Night Metta Elbow dishes to Steve Blake for a corner 3 and misses the shot. No final chance for Kobe heroics yet no "analysis" no 43 "experts". No discussion.

Can you say double standard? I can and it is. Sure Kobe has a handful of rings and Lebron has none. Kobe also had Shaq and Lebron had what Verajo and now Bosh when he is not hurt.

Frankly to me the Lebron in depth "analysis" is old, boring, and stupid. It has replaced the old standbye-Does Pete Rose belong in the Hall of Fame topic. A big bore!

The hating on James stuns me. Maybe if he were a thug, had a posse, had been arrested, or beaten up a few woman we wouldn't have to suffer through such utter pap, but he hasn't. Man Lebron can't you just slap a few woman around so we don't have to deal with endless hours of "duh Lebron is this and that"

I find the Lebron hate to be laughable. The man took less money to play for a better team and knowingly to get less shots. Supposedly American sports fans hate selfishness, hate greed. No they don't I guess cause Lebron is neither selfish nor greedy.

Lebron should have told the Tv audience he was going to Miami for the schools like others have done. Perhaps then he would catch a break. Hmm doubtful. America and the lame brain talk hosts need a punching bag and since most can't think for themselves well join the gang and hammer Lebron.

Now if you live in Cleveland I get why you hate lebron. Course you would stay in cold Cleveland instead of sunny Miami. No you wouldn't but whatever. I get why you are mad. For most everyone else who knows. It's a join the pack mentality I guess.

Here is what I know. James is a 3 time MVP. he took a Cavs club with a little talent and got them to within 4 wins of a championship. he revived a franchise that was moribound and going no place. He got them to the Eastern Finals and almost the brass ring. Virtually alone in talent with some bit parts around him.

Can and should Lebron be hammered for his sub par performance in a few HUGE games-Yes. His performance against Dallas in the 2011 finals was brutal. But others have had bad championship performances and yet it seems James is HARSHLY hammered and it continues today despite his 3rd MVP. The final play drawn up by the Heat coaching staff didn't have James involved in the shot. Maybe if he pulled a Pippen and pouted and sat on his duff then the media and fans would cut him slack-No they would say it was the most disgraceful thing ever. Or perhaps he should sit with a headache.

Is Lebron equal to Jordan-No.. Is he Kobe-No.. Is he great-YES!.. Truth be told I can't root for the Heat as a Knick fan but man I hope James wins his title soon so I don't have to be bored listening to the radio every time James's team loses a playoff game