Despite reports that disgruntled Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard would sign a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers if he was traded there, it appears as though the Dwightmare just continues to get uglier.

Howard's agent, Dan Fegan, has come out and said that regardless of who Howard is traded to, he will explore the free agent market, including the Brooklyn Nets.

So now, not only are the Lakers not safe from being haunted by Howard's fickle ways, but the only team he actually wanted to go to in the Nets aren't immune to gaining then losing the big man. The Nets probably should have made sure of that before trying to trade for him, no?

I have developed a theory on the Dwightmare and why Howard is choosing to go about things this way, in terms of letting teams know that he will not sign an extension with them no matter who they are. Howard wants to make himself undesirable to acquire via trade so he can walk free from Orlando in free agency next year. That way, the Magic don't get any useful pieces for him, and he still gets to play wherever he wants. Obviously this is a long shot, but I think the theory has legs.