Running Back Ronnie Brown was suppose to be be suiting up for the Detroit Lions, but instead he will stay with the Philadelphia Eagles because it was discovered that Jerome Harrison had a brain tumor.

According to ESPN, the reason for the failed trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions didn't go through because of "undisclosed health problems" with running back Jerome Harrison.  Adam Schefter now reports that those undisclosed heal the concerns weren't football related, but he in fact has a brain tumor.

Harrison's prognosis is good, and he should be able to recover from the tumor, but he won't be playing the rest of this season.  The Lions are the ones who really lose out in this scenario, because theyare left with a hole in the running back position.  Jahvid Best, who had been doing well for the Lions suffered a concussion against the San Francisco 49ers, the third of his career.  No telling how long he will be sidelined as he recovers.