Eight points on 3 of 11 shooting.  0 for 1 in the 4th quarter.  Zero points when it mattered!

I'll be the first to admit it - LeBron James had a bad game last night in Game #4 of the NBA Finals against Dallas.

Alright, it was a really, really bad game in Miami's 86-83 loss.  But let's not all start selling "The King" down the river just yet.

LeBron James’ bad performance last night is no big deal.

Well, let's just look at the facts.  And he's got pretty good credentials.  But there are haters out there and it's coming out again.

LeBron has won 2 MVP Awards.  He’s averaged 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in his career.  He led the Cavaliers to 2 Eastern Conference Championships.  The Cavs had the NBA’s best record twice.  That was a pretty bad Cavs team – look what they did without him.

Oh yeah, he also led the Heat to the 2011 NBA Finals.  He carried them against Boston and Chicago.

His 8 points last night ended a double-figure scoring streak of 433 consecutive games, regular season and postseason. It was his fewest points ever in the playoffs.

Let's not confuse playing bad with playing afraid.  LeBron isn't afraid.  If he was afraid, he would have stayed in Cleveland.  After all, that would have been the safe thing to do.  LeBron is a guy that has taken on all challenges and passed them with flying colors.

When Miami started the season at 9-9, there were people saying the Heat's "Big Three" isn't working.  So what did the Heat do?  They went out and won 12 straight games.

Miami lost Game #2 to Boston and then they didn't lose another game for the rest of that series.  They then got blown out by the Bulls in Game #1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and again, they didn't lose another game for the rest of that series.

The minute LeBron goes off in the next game, everyone will be jocking him again.

LeBron's overall stats look great in the 4th quarter of this years's playoffs. He's been rebounding, playing great defense, dishing out assists and nailing clutch shots.

Lebon had a bad game.  Period.  It’s just overblown because of the stage he’s on.  If he gets a ring, then a did what he needed to do.

Let’s also give the Mavericks some credit.  They’re a really tough team.  They’ve got a huge front line that’s not easy to score on.  Remember, this is the same team that swept the defending champion Lakers.

No matter what LeBron does, it’s wrong.  He shot horribly all game long last night, so he decided not to shoot (just 3 of 11).  If he shot 25 times and made 7, people would be complaining he shot too much.  If he shot 25 times and made 16 of them - and the Heat lost, everyone would say he shot too much.

LeBron wasn't the reason Miami lost last night.  In the 4th quarter, the entire team went into a shell.  Dwayne Wade missed the biggest free throw of the game and lost the ball on the final possession.

Once again, the Heat settled for jump shots rather than getting to the rim.  They all sat around at the foul line and waited for something to happen.  To put it all on LeBron is just silly.

Talk to me after Game #5. I guarantee LeBron won't throw up another clunker again.