This Just in: Eli Manning thinks he is good at being a quarterback. Also, this just in: I think I look like a chubby James Bond.

So yesterday, Eli comes on the Michael Kay Show down in New York (1050 the Fan ESPN Radio) and starts going off about how good he is. I get it I know he’s safe in his little corner of the universe hanging out in NYC talking a big game. It’s like when I’m home I start talking how I’m the most eligible bachelor in Albany despite being overweight, a heavy drinker, heavy smoker, and smelling like cheese puffs 90 percent of the time.

Eli says he thinks he is up with Tom Brady, and I just want to do the math for the giant fans out there who think he is right. Tom has 3 Rings…… Eli has 1…… Tom has 2 more then Eli, case closed.

Eli is the 3rd best quarterback in his family let alone in the NFL. Eli is talking a big game on his home turf, and I hate defending Tom Brady, I’m a life-long Jets fan.  Eli is in the upper half of quarterbacks who needs to show the world he can make the playoffs and win a game, something he hasn’t done since 2007.