Now that this draft mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, the NFL can focus on its biggest day of the offseason. I am, of course referring to Eli Manning’s comedic debut as host of Saturday Night Live.

Ever since SNL released their upcoming host schedule, Giants fans have been waiting in nervous anticipation for May 5th. Sure Eli can thread the needle, and obviously he’s great at winning Super Bowl Championships on a consistent basis, but no one was overly confident that he could act. I mean, sometimes it takes everything the guy’s got just to get his mouth to take the right shape of the words he’s trying to say. And Giants fans have been fighting the “Eli is a dweeb” battle for years, finally having it put to bed by a 2nd Championship run. One terrible SNL bomb and we could be back on square one with that fight.

Luckily, NBC has begun running their Eli promos, and they’re not half bad. My only concern now is that he may be distracted by musical guest Rihanna, who will undoubtedly be putting the moves on him hard. That’s what super star model singers do when you’re a living legend, though I’m pretty confident he’ll handle it with class. Check out the video below: