The general feeling around the sports world is that Donald Sterling needs to just go away. Apparently New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning shares similar sentiments.

“It’s been in the headlines a long time,” said Manning, Wednesday morning in a webcast interview with Huffington Sports.

Podcast: Eli Manning on Donald Sterling with Huffington Post

“He seems to keep talking about it every day and digging himself in a deeper hole every day. Hopefully he can learn his lesson and move on.”

The two-time Super Bowl MVP was then asked if the NBA had a case in pushing Sterling out of the league.

"That could be a strong consideration. You can’t think that way. If there’s an owner out there that has those beliefs, I think that would be a reason to lose a team."

Manning had ankle surgery in the off-season and is now participating in OTA's at the Giants facilities, stating that he feels like he's 100%.