With winter right around the corner, you may want to consider an alternative gas to power your snow blower and other engine equipment.

Ethanol-free gas is perfect for snow blowers, chainsaws, tractors, motorcycles, and other small-engine power equipment where gas blended with ethanol (E10) can cause all sorts of engine problems, including carbon build-up, fuel degradation, corrosion, and starting issues. By using the ethanol-free alternative, you can keep the machines you need running smoothly for a longer time.

But ethanol-free gas is not easily found at just any gas station. If you’re looking for ethanol-free fuel for better gas mileage and improved performance, one local source for ethanol-free (E0) gas stations in the Capital Region, Ray Energy offers an interactive map that immediately finds the gas station that provides it closest to you.

The site also provides the name, address, and phone number for each station.

If you are traveling outside the local area, be sure to check out the puregas.org website, a nationwide database for gas stations that sell non-ethanol gas.

Happy motoring!