Remind me to never ask former NBA great Karl Malone anything about historical perspective.

Malone, the long time stalwart  at power forward for the Utah Jazz seems to be letting his failures to win a championship cloud his objectivity. Asked on a radio show for his top 5 all time starters, Malone left out the greatest of them all, Michael Jordan, and who he put in his place is well to be mild, laughable!!!!!

Malone named Scottie Pippen, yes Scottie Pippen ahead of Jordan at the small forward spot. NOBODY-I MEAN NOBODY but Malone thinks this. I bet Pippen doesn't agree with that.

Frankly for my money Pippen isn't even a top 50 player. Many scoff when I say this as Pippen was named a top 50 player in NBA history when said list came out. But Pippen ahead of Jordan-ridiculous.

Pippen won nothing without Jordan. Jordan would have won without Pippen no problem. Pippen was a quitter. Jordan a warrior. Jordan is not only regarded much higher then Pippen, he is regarded by most as the best player of all time.

Malone was known as the mailman. he failed to deliver anything good here. I think he is jealous and still angry because his Jazz lost twice to Jordan's Bulls in the finals. Once Jordan was so sick mere mortals would have taken in sick. Jordan just destroyed the Jazz the night he was too sick to even eat.

Malone named Wilt Chamberlain as his all time center. His teammate John Stockton as the best point guard of all time. Lebron James at power forward, even ahead of himself. He added Oscar Robertson at shooting guard. All worthy of debate and interesting picks.

I would take Magic Johnson at the point. Probably Kareem Abdul Jabbar at center. I would have taken Malone at power with James still more to prove but on his way for sure to top 5 status. Imight have taken Jordan at the 2 but I would take Jordan at the 1,2,3,4 or yes even 5. My bet is anywhere Jordan played he would be the top choice.

Pippen? Please.. He was a solid player. I wouldn't even vote him for the hall of fame. The baby quit on his mates when the final play of a playoff game was called for then teammate Toni Kukoc instead of him vs the NY Knicks.

Pippen ahead of MJ at any position. ABSURD!