It's always funny to watch a stupid fan who runs onto the field get planted into the ground by security.

We rarely consider how dangerous a situation can be when a fan runs onto the playing field.  It's typically something we laugh off and don't take too seriously.  Thankfully, nothing too crazy has happened in the major American sports as far as lunatic fans inflicting pain onto athletes.

When this guy puts his left arm behind his back, it's meant to be a peaceful sign.  If you're in Ichiro's shoes, it could be troubling to see a fan do this.  You simply can't give anyone the benefit of the doubt in a situation like that.

It was a great tackle by the security guard.  That guy morphed into Ray Lewis for a second.  By the way, does the human piñata on the ground look a tiny bit like Yankees' outfielder Nick Swisher when security has him pinned?  I can see a little resemblance.