The New York Jets made, by far, the most embarrassing play of the entire NFL season when Mark Sanchez ran into the behind of his own offensive lineman, resulting in a fumble that the New England Patriots returned for a score. The play was so bad that it earned its own nickname: the Butt Fumble.

In fact, the play was so egregiously terrible that even Jets fans are making fun of Sanchez for the posterior loss of possession, as evidenced by this photo of a fan wearing a jersey with Sanchez' number that reads "Buttfumble" on the back.


This is glorious. As if the Jets season wasn't enough of an embarrassment, now the team's own fans can't even take them seriously, despite their thrilling 7-6, Greg McElroy led, Ryan Lindley-defeating victory over the Arizona Cardinals yesterday.

Who knows, now that Fireman Ed is no longer the team's unofficial mascot, maybe Buttfumble jersey guy can be the one to step in and take his place. Maybe this is a step towards a return to normalcy for the Jets.