Is it any wonder 2 of our 3 local football teams are in a world of hurt coming up on week 13 of the season. 1st it was the Giants and now it has spread to the Jets where it seems the players are more effected by the crowd voicing their displeasure at the product then losing big games. 1st it was Bradon Jacobs going on and on and on about the fans razzing him now it's Dustin Keller and other Jets taking shots at their fans because many decided for what ever reason to boo Mark Sanchez before last weeks win at home vs Buffalo

Now let me say I don't agree with the booing of Sanchez at all. Is it  Sanchez alone who is responsible for the very mediocre and dissapointing season the Jets are having? Not even close. While the QB hasn't been spectacular by any means I think he has played just 2 awful games-The game in Baltimore and the game vs Denver. However in the Baltimore game Sanchez was sacked 5 times and in the Denver game it wasn't Sanchez who allowed Tim Tebow who can't throw a forward pass to go 95 yards for the game winning score before the buzzer.

Regardless though of the misguided booing by Jet fans against Sanchez the point is this-3 days after that Buffalo game Jet players were still focused on the fans more then  the teams performance and that's the big problem as far as I am concerned. Just like with the G-Men and Jacobs I say if the fans want to boo then boo. They pay the freight. They pay the bills. They pay the salaries. they have the right to boo even if misplaced. Heck as  Jet fan if I were at the game I would boo hard this underachieving defense which talks a good game but plays far below expectations and talent. It is scary that booing lingers with these players more then galling losses and perhaps this is the reason both teams face not making the playoffs this year. To that I have 1 thing to say--BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO