This past Saturday night was daddy and Zachary time. 

I decided to take my two (soon to be three) year old son to the Albany Legends basketball game at CBA in Albany.

The basketball game was great - the Legends defeated the Gary Splash 104-95 but watching my son at a sporting event is less about watching the game and more about watching him.

Right now, Zachary is all about wanting to do everything himself.  It's a stage that most kids his age go through.  He wanted to be out there playing basketball on the court with the players.

Zachary brought his mini-basketball with him and threw it all over the place.  We tried to watch the Legends from behind the basket - but he tried throwing the ball on the court (he managed to do that several times during warm-ups and even once when the 2nd half was about to tip off).

We watched the game from the stands - instead, he wanted to climb down the bleachers and run onto the court.  We even watched the game in the front row - again, throwing his ball on the court was his #1 objective.

I finally got Zachary to sit still after telling him we'd be able to run onto the court at the end of the game.  I got a real kick from the look of joy on his face while running around after the game was over.

Zachary also met the Legends cheerleaders as well as a few players after the game.  That was pretty cool to see his face when they all high-fived him.  Awesome moment!

At his age, going to the game with my son wasn't even the story here.  It was all about a father and son spending quality time together - no matter what the event.

As much work as it was for me chasing him around all night, I enjoyed every minute of it.