For some reason, we live in a society in which people resist change and progress at times. In some cases it is for legitimate reasons, such as not agreeing with the change in question for the good of everyone. Other times, people just want to feel as if they are still useful. After yesterday's controversial goal by Fernando Torres won them their match with Reading, the latter is the only reason anyone could possibly resist a change to the use of instant replay in sports.

Look at the above photo, Torres is clearly behind the last defender, meaning that he is not allowed to play the ball when passed to him unless he goes back behind them before the ball is struck. He didn't, and play should have been stopped before he was able to tap in the game winning goal. It wasn't, and Chelsea went from looking likely to tie EPL newborns Reading to having the game wrapped up.

The above image is a screenshot from a TV feed of the game, and announcers criticized the decision as soon as it happened. It would have been incredibly easy to take a look at the play, reverse the call, and proceed with the game without the undeserved goal. But, for some reason, instant replay and other forms of technology are not used in soccer, or in any other sport besides football, adequately.

FIFA is a multimillion dollar conglomerate that could put these tools in place in the blink of an eye. So why don't they? Are they worried that referees wouldn't feel good about themselves knowing that they weren't trusted to do the job themselves? Does a lack of technology enable them to fix matches if they choose? Whatever the case, there is no reason not to have instant replay in all sports where applicable.