Forget Tiger and Phil. How about just Jim and Bubba. I bet the folks at CBS are thrilled with Webb Simpson vs Alan Duke. I meant Tim  Duke. Or is it Joe Duke. No it's Ken Duke. Golf fans all over the country anxiously await Ken Duke. But wait there are more who is that guy seriously competing for the GB Classic.

Webb Simpson just won the U.S Open but no one is rushing to the TV to see the Webster. Get these other top contenders. Troy Kelly is 2 back. Someone named Ted Potter Jr is lingering at 3 back -11. Yes it is THE Ted Potter Jr. TPJ for the initial freaks!

Charlie Beljan is also 2 back. Seemed to me he got most of the play yesterday although I can't exactly understand why. I mean if you passed Charlie in the aisle would you say  " Hey it's Charlie Beljan" then you have issues. Martin Flores is  on the 1st page at -10. Sorry don't know any Martin Flores's and I like to think I know my golfers. How many times today will Jim Nance fawn over his swing. Hey Jim if it were that good maybe his neighbor would know who he is?

Ah there is a familiar name. It's good old Kevin Na, or as I call him Naaaaaaaaaaaa. I voted him most likely to go postal. Man when he misses a putt he has this look in his eyes.

Other "notables" riff raffing around are illuminaries as Scott Piercey, Roberto Castro, this guy who wears these awful green pants named  Graham Dalaet, and some cave man sounding Garth Mulroy.

It should be noted that both Tiger and Phil missed the cut. No seriously they missed the cut against this gang. YIKES!

I hope the Mest game goes long-like 18 innings long so I am not tempted to switch over.